Password Managers

After talking recently to some friends they complained that they couldn’t keep up with all the passwords they have to remember.

I completely understand this and quite a while ago moved to a password manager. I have hundreds of accounts and basic password and computer security says never use the same password for mutiple sites.

This post will be a high level view of the two password managers that I have experience with and their pro’s and con’s.

Initially I used KeePass; I stored my encrypted passwords in a dropbox folder which was shared with all my relevant devices. I stopped using dropbox for various reasons and now mainly use LastPass. LastPass is super convenient and syncs your passwords through the cloud; I had it on my Android phone and it worked well until a few years ago when Google changed their policy on how autofill worked; now almost none of the apps support autofill.

KeePass2Android for your phone and use Firefox focus on android to get password autofill working. This is great but Firefox Focus is a privacy focused browser; it is missing a lot of features (like tabs) that a standard browser has and some websites wont load at all in FF Focus.

But since deciding to write this post; I did some research into getting KeePass working across everything. Now that I have done this I am going to delete my LastPass account. KeePass is much more secure from the point of view that I am not a big centralised target like the LastPass server. I use Syncthing to synchronise between my devices; so I don’t need dropbox anymore.