An Engineers Guide to Nappy Sprayers

Continuing from the previous post; this one will be about the invaluable tool that is the nappy sprayer.

I don’t think that I can overstate how important a nappy sprayer is to your adventure with reusable nappies. I doubt that we would have stuck it out; as stubborn as I am; without the nappy sprayer.

The nappy sprayer is just as it sounds; a device for spraying nappies; it allows you to clean off the nappy with a spray of directed water rather then swishing it in the bowl or holding it under the flush water; both of which I have done when out and finding a particularly offensive deposit when changing the dude.

we are onto our second nappy sprayer as we broke the first from overuse; this is not too surprising since we used a bidet on a flexible hose as sprayer in the original version; I’m fairly sure that the button wasn’t rated for 50 - 150 presses a day for a year.

Generation two is basically a cobbled together garden sprayer with some flexible hose and a shut off valve; it doesn’t look as good as gen 1 but it is far more robust and the multiple spray options were an unintended bonus. Low pressure “shower” for removing bulk without splash back and high pressure “center” for getting the stubborn bits.

As mentioned in the previous post the final reason before the birth we decided to try reusable nappies was we liked a challenge. Well after using reusable nappies for a while now there are a bunch more reasons to use them.

One reason which is related to the nappy sprayer is nappies are kinda gross; depending of where you sit one type is worse then the other; obviously since I’m writing this I don’t have a big problem with reusables. This is because